The story behind KettleClamp

In 2010 I was introduced to kettlebells through the CrossFit main site. At the time, I was working out at a globo gym which had minimal recourses as it related to performing CrossFit WODs, and did not have a kettlebell in the building. So, like many others with limited options and means, I found ways to improvise. Instead of wall balls, I would substitute with thrusters, instead of using the prescribed box jump height, I would have to resort to a lower bench, as for kettlebells I resorted to using a dumbbell. At the time, I thought that my dumbbells substation in place of kettlebells for movements like swings and Turkish getups was comparable, however, I was wrong. I visited a CrossFit box about six months after starting Crossfit, and finally had a chance to use actual kettlebells. I could immediately notice the difference in my modified dumbbell approach and the kettlebell. My hands had enough surface area to grip anatomically, my form from my shoulders down to my hands was corrected, and I no longer had to incorporate a squat into my kettlebell swing. As a result, my time was faster, I had no problem using a 2 pood weight, and my hands were not torn to pieces from using improper equipment. Finally, my problem was solved! Right? Wrong. I noticed that the CrossFit box I was joining only had a limited amount of kettlebells available and they were usually taken by the time I worked out. I thought about buying a kettlebell but realized that I would need several sizes to do everything that I needed. It was only a matter of time until I would be resorting back to compromising my workouts unless I could put together a team to tackle this issue.

We started with the question how could we utilize equipment that was available to us? Dumbbells are everywhere. Could our team develop a tool that would convert any dumbbell into kettlebells? Sounds easy enough, but the product was has to feel and perform exactly like a kettlebell and be versatile enough to fit onto every size dumbbell. Drawing after drawing and one prototype after the other together we figured it out. Without a doubt we have created the only tool that turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell and we are proud to introduce the KettleClamp.