“When I first saw the KettleClamp, I was intrigued. I was looking for a cost-effective way to add kettlebell work for our athletes, the kettleclamp has been very helpful addition. We mostly use it for swings, single leg deadlifts and 1-arm farmer’s walks and it has been working great. It is very easy and fast to attach to our dumbbells. Also, I have been extremely impressed speed and helpfulness of the customer service!”

Andrew Heming
Assistant Professor, School of Human Kinetics, Trinity Western University

“We were having a small issue with our KettleClamp. When I sent the email, I got an almost instant phone call from Ryan. Best customer service ever! He was so helpful, knew the exact issue and already had a solution. Not only will I recommended this product because its awesome, but the customer service is amazing!!”

Akron, Ohio

“Dear Ryan,

First I would like to congratulate for the excellent product quality.
I am a strength coach in Brazil and was robbed two days before knowing your product, took my car and all my Kettlebells what was inside, I did not know where to start it was then that I found your company by Google.

Today I had the opportunity to train, and I loved it!

But I’m happier because right now I’m restarting Kettlebellclamp and makes the time I do not need to buy all my kettlebells stolen.

Thank you for creating this tool and have indicated to all my colleagues, I hope make more sales.

Thank you!”

Marcus Vinicus
Strength Coach
Specialist Exercise for Elderly