The KettleClamp Continuing to Evolve

KettleClamp-backside2015_1Over the years we’ve received tremendous customer feedback and support . However, not everyone can be pleased and no product is perfect. The one issue that would periodically come up was the discomfort experienced while performing movements with the KettleClamp in the snatch or front rack positions. No more! We’ve addressed this issue by making the backside of the unit entirely flush. By expanding the contact area from 1 to about 5.5 inches, the weight is now more evenly distributed throughout the forearm, making for a more natural kettlebell feel.

Dumbbell Swings vs Kettlebell Swings by discusses all of the benefits of using kettlebells including the following:

  • -Using it with athletes to increase running speed & power
  • -Using it to improve pelvic balance & maximize core strength
  • -And to help skinny white ladies build a booty worthy of J-Lo!

Checkout the video review of the KettleClamp within the article.

Thanks Guys!