Kettleclamp Lift

Answers to the most common KettleClamp Questions

Q. Can I perform the same exercises with the KettleClamp that I do with a kettlebell?

A. Yes. The versatility of the KettleClamp handle allows you to adjust the position depending on your exercise. Adjust the handle perpendicularly to the attached dumbbell for swings, and parallel to the dumbbell for most other movements.

Q. How much does the KettleClamp weigh?

A. 7.5lbs

Q. Will the KettleClamp damage the dumbbells that I attach it to?

A. No. The parts of the KettleClamp fastening to the dumbbell, barbell, or pull up bar are lined with a durable rubber, designed to protect both
pieces of equipment.

Q. How long does it take to attach a KettleClamp to a dumbell?

A. Attaching the KettleClamp to a dumbbell takes about an average of 15 seconds. Check out our YouTube videos to see how easy it is.

Q. What is the heaviest weight that I can use with the KettleClamp?

A. The KettleClamp has been stress tested up to 1,000lbs without any noted damage. However, please use common sense when using the KettleClamp.

Q. Is the KettleClamp safe?

A. Yes. We designed the KettleClamp to be able to endure weights that even the strongest of athletes would not imagine using. By setting a high bar for strength and durability, when properly fastened, the KettleClamp ensures the user of a safe and productive workout.

Q. Do you have instructional videos showing exercises with the KettleClamp?

A. Demonstration videos will be posted regularly on and

Q. Does the KettleClamp work with Powerblock adjustable dumbbells?

A. Unfortunately, due to the bars located on the sides, the KettleClamp cannot lock onto the handle of the powerblock dumbbells.

Q. Does the KettleClamp work with Bowflex Selecttech adjustable dumbbells?

A. Yes

Q. If I have questions about the KettleClamp that are not on this page who can I call to get more information?

A. Please our office at 864-642-6093 or email us here.